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Paralyzed by Fear

Let's discuss fear...
  • Fear will have you running through all of the horrible things that could possibly happen if you don’t achieve your goal.
  • Fear will keep you from going after things you’re truly passionate about.
  • Fear will hold you hostage if you allow it to.
  • Fear will cause you to always play it safe.
  • Fear will confine you; it will cause you to live in a box.

I feared starting Snatch‘D Apparel because I didn’t think I could put myself out there! I'm usually behind the scenes, but I wanted to showcase fashion in a way that made myself and others feel confident in themselves. The older I get, I have an in-depth understanding of how easy it is to adapt to self-hatred, thinking that you have to be a certain size, weight, color, age, image, etc. You are NOT those things, you are exactly what makes you, YOU!

Fear of the unknown is something that you can overcome. You have to step out on faith. Don't worry about what everyone else is doing, do you! Don't worry about how others are looking at you; if they are too busy looking at you, they are not worrying about themselves.

Fear of failure or criticism is preventing you from living your best life. Don't be afraid to discover new possibilities and step outside your level of comfort; amazing things can happen there! Don't allow yourself to be paralyzed by fear. Once you become fearless, your life will become limitless.

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