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Snatch'D: What is it?

People have been programmed to believe that "snatched" is all about the look however, what if we shifted this thought process? Snatch'D can also be an ideology; an idea or matter of thinking for an individual. A year ago, I began the quest of creating a better me. This included focusing my attention on going to the gym in order to help create a "snatched" body. I soon found out, that it didn't matter how many exercises I performed, I would not get to the goal of being "snatched" without the mental aspect to go along with the physical. Soon after, I started to realize that Snatch'D is an ideology. It is a way of thinking that helps to shift the paradigm associated with the term. A Snatch'D woman is secure, confident and in their own right - a true winner, regardless of what she looks like!

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