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What Would I Say to the Younger Version of Myself?

Growing up I felt like I had to be the person that others wanted me to be. That often resulted in frustration and heartbreak. I was a loner growing up; I stayed to myself and enjoyed my own company. I didn't quite fit in with the "cool kids" because I didn't think we could relate in many ways.

I wasn't popular and didn't strive to be. I remember early on always being focused on a goal. I knew what I wanted for myself and worked hard to make those things happen because I told myself if I executed properly, I would change my life forever.

I feel I grew up before my time because I experienced situations that altered my life forever. However, that molded me into the person I am today. It wasn't until I started seriously dating, my now Husband, that I realized it was okay to put my needs and feelings first, no matter what other people thought. I grew up around a lot of strong women who always placed the needs of others before their own. I appreciated and admired that about them, but I also understood how frustrating that could be for them sometimes. 

What Would I Say to the Younger Version of Myself? Everything in life happens for a reason. You don't have to conform to what people think you should be. Speak up for yourself, no matter who it is and don't be afraid to create your own path. You control your own destiny and it doesn't matter what people think about you, in reality, it's a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves. People will try to bully you into believing that their way is the best way and to be a part of their "group" you have to be like them. Truth be told, you shouldn't care what people think and you shouldn't aspire to be a part of a group; create your own way. Often times, the people speaking the loudest have no clue as to where they're headed. Just because it looks cool, doesn't make it cool. Don't be afraid to stand firm on what you believe in, fail or take the road less traveled. That road is where I became victorious!

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